Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights

Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights (BLHR, Bulgaria) is a non-profit organisation that promotes the establishment and effective implementation of international standards of legal protection of human rights. Established in 1993, Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights is the first organisation of its kind in Bulgaria and in Central and Eastern Europe. It is one of the few organisations of legal practitioners promoting democratisation through an active promotion of civil and political rights. Its Foundation currently covers issues concerning protection of human rights in virtually all major sectors of the Bulgarian legislation

Associazione Nazionale Forense

(National Lawyers’ Association, Italy) is a free, democratic and independent lawyers’ association. It is a non-profit association and is one of the twenty autonomous associations adhering to Confprofessioni. It works to affirm the inviolable right of defense, which is a fundamental prerequisite for the democratic development of the country in respect of constitutional principles, fundamental rights and European Union legislation. It pursues a trade union activity, targeted directly at its members and indirectly at all lawyers, through the protection of the common interests of the liberal professions as a whole.


(Italian Confederation of Liberal Professions, Italy) is the main association representing liberal professions in Italy. It was established in 1966 with the idea of bringing together in a single representative body the professionals practising regulated professions. It is a second level employers’ association that represents and protects the interests of liberal professionals in Italy and has been a recognised social partner since 1978. Its members are twenty national professional associations, among which there are also legal professions such as lawyers and notaries.

Ordine degli Avvocati di Milano

(Milan Bar Association, Italy) is the regulatory body overseeing the quality of lawyers practicing in the province of Milan. It represents more than 19.000 lawyers located in Milan and surroundings, ensuring they are correctly registered and licensed to practice law as well as guaranteeing their continuous training and knowledge update. It offers many services to both citizens and lawyers, such as disseminating new national laws on professional regulation and code of ethics and organising specific training activities.

Consejo General de la Abogacia Española

(General Council of Spanish Lawyers, Spain) is a public law body acting as the representative, coordinator and executive body of the 83 local Bar Associations in Spain, representing 154.573 practicing and 102.071 non-practicing lawyers. Its main objectives are organisation of the profession, the regulation of the practice of the profession of lawyer, the enforcement of the professional and ethical rules and the management of legal aid. Its Foundation is in charge of human rights and international cooperation issues.

Universidad de Burgos

(Burgos University, Spain), founded in 1994, play a key role in the local and regional economy and in the larger scientific community, responding to market needs and developing wide research networks. According to the ranking of normalised impact on research production elaborated by the CyD, it holds the 13th position among Spanish Universities. It has been enrolled in a regional Transfer University-Enterprise Strategy (2008–2013) and since 2008 has been active in several Research & Innovation European projects. It has 30 ongoing projects, 11 of them as coordinator and 3 as hosting institution.