The project Lawyers4Rights started in January 2019 and will end in December 2020 (total duration 2 years).

Its objectives are:

  • Promoting the understanding of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights;
  • Promoting a basic knowledge on the origin, purpose and scope of EU law on fundamental rights;
  • Helping participants to become familiar with the application of the Charter at national level;
  • Making lawyers aware of the key role they play in the domain of fundamental rights;
  • Improving cooperation among European lawyers.

Its activities include:

  • Desk review on the legal framework of European fundamental rights;
  • Implementation of the training programme;
  • Issuing of a policy statement on the role of lawyers in the domain of fundamental rights;
  • A final European conference and other communication activities.

The expected results are:

  • Awareness raising on the European Charter of Fundamental Rights among lawyers;
  • Better competency on the European law on the protection of fundamental rights;
  • Better implementation of the Charter.